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Imagoras – The Return of the Pictures: Discover the fantastic world of the artworks in the Städel Museum!

The essentials

- Join Flux bringing the imagination back to new life 
- Solve tricky riddles and save the pictures from the darkness 
- Explore the Städel Museum’s artworks in detail 
- Discover different artistic approaches 
- Free tablet app – free of ads, free of in-app purchases and free of charge! 
- Fun for kids age 8 and older

Solve the riddles and awaken the imagination

In a world where an eerie gloom has robbed man of his power of imagination, you meet an unexpected friend: Flux. Your curiosity inflamed, you follow the nimble guide into the world of pictures, where the two of you solve suspenseful riddles. This is the only way to liberate the Städel Museum’s artworks from the darkness. Of course it’s not always that easy! You have to think “outside the box”, tip things over and wipe things clean. Reassure the lion with stage fright, help the geographer draw a sea chart, and give an abstract painting its beautiful, vibrant colours back.

On your tour you’ll explore masterworks of Frankfurt’s Städel Museum such as Johannes Vermeer’s Geographer (1669) or Édouard Manet’s A Game of Croquet (1873). As you examine the paintings you’ll suddenly find yourself learning about a wide range of approaches adopted by artists through the ages.

Collect useful items and reveal secrets

In this point-and-click adventure, Flux isn’t just your companion; he can also change form. As you work to solve the riddles, he’s right there at your side with aid and advice – and the occasional wisecrack. He takes all of the items you discover on your journey – from the ship to the lion’s roar – and simply sticks them to his exterior. As the game develops, these items help you disclose secrets. At the end of the adventure, you can use all the objects and emotions you have collected to design your very own Flux. And if you send your Flux to the Städel Museum by e-mail, he’ll be published on the website

Information for parents

This art game was recorded with Andreas Fröhlich – the voice of Bob Andrews in the audio play series Die drei Fragezeichen and the German dubbed voice of Edward Norton in the movie Fight Club and Gollum in The Lord of the Rings.

This free learning app for Tablets was realized in cooperation with the computer game producer Deck13 – the makers of Venetica and Lords of the Fallen.

Imagoras – The Return of the Pictures is an innovative game with which the Städel Museum is breaking new ground in museum education.

Established by the banker and businessman Johann Friedrich Städel in 1815 as a civic foundation, the Städel is considered the oldest and most renowned museum foundation in Germany. The multifarious collection offers a nearly unbroken survey of seven hundred years of art – starting with the fourteenth century and encompassing the Renaissance and Baroque, the Early Modern period and the immediate present (

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