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Uber Vegas Video Poker

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Uber Vegas Video Poker is an extremely addictive virtual simulation video poker game as if you are in a casino to test your video poker skill. Best of all, you can play the game to stimulate your video poker skill anytime, anywhere.

Features of Uber Vegas Video Poker:
* FREE bonus token to start your game, NO registration is required. 
* Flexible bet in multiple of virtual $100 or a one touch button with maximum $25,000  
* Free bonus of 3,000 chips are offered by our partner
* Easy winning chance start from one pair of Jacks or better card with 1:1 wins
* 9 levels of winning chance from one pair of Jacks or better (1:1) to Royal Flush (1:250)
* You can increase your bet by topping up your capital with in-apps purchase of chips start from $0.99 for 25,000 chips 
* There is no stop gate whether online of offline to enjoy your poker game

How To Play ?
1)  Download and install Uber Vegas Video Poker from play store to your smartphone or tablet. 
2)  Once it is completed, simply activate the game with the app icon
3)  Click the "Play Now" button to enter into the virtual casino. 
4)  From the display page, place your bet and then hit the draw button.
5)  5 cards will be open, you can hold the card you want to keep by click on it once.
6)  Click on the deal button when you have finalized the cards.
7)  The result will determine whether you win
8)  If you win, the bet amount will be credited to your pool of money. Otherwise, it will be deducted from it.
9)  The minimum cards to win is one pair of Jacks or better card which entitle you for a 1:1 ratio winning
10) The highest winning ratio is 1:250 when you hit a Royal Flush 

Winning Schedules:
Below are the winning schedules for winning situations. It states the winning ratio, minimum win for each winning cards.

Royal Flush        1:250    $25,000
Straights Flush   1:50      $5,000 
4 of a kind           1:25      $2,500
Full House          1:9        $900
Flush                  1:6        $600
Straights             1:4        $400
3 of Kind             1:3        $300
Two Pair             1:2        $200
One Pair             1:1        $100   

Uber Vegas Video Poker allows you to enjoy your video poker game without interruptions. You can play even when you are offline. Please note that some features requires internet connection. Even when you are not connected, you still can enjoy a round of video poker.

Download Uber Vegas Video Poker now while it is still free. 

Note:  This apps consist of in-apps purchases

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  • Telephonemake and manage phone calls
  • Locationaccess this device's location
  • Storageaccess photos, media and files on your device


Version1.6 (2015.07.07)
Size40.04 MB
Age restriction 18+
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