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Survival Arena: Tower Defense

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What’s New

Fixed a bunch of issues from the previous version - thanks for reporting them to us!

Update 3.7 with major changes to progression, new Daily Tasks, a whole bunch of fixes and improvements, and more!

NEW LEVELING SYSTEM where the more you play the higher your level will be! Together with leveling-up cards to get experience, you will now get XP for every enemy kill (and even more XP in tournaments with tickets). Mini-bosses and Bosses will net you more XP, so it's worth it to make sure no one sneaks by!

LEVEL CAP INCREASED from a measly 30 levels to a whopping 80. So much room to grow – and each level will also give out Skyshards and Chests with cards in them. See you at level 80!

NEW DAILY TASKS so you get even more loot! They range from being super simple to a bit challenging, but are designed in a way that you'll naturally complete them as you play the game each day – getting even more rewards along the way! And if complete all the daily tasks within a given day, you'll get a chest with lots of goodies inside! Find the daily tasks that you can complete in the Menu (together with Monthly Bonus, Weekly Rewards, etc.)

You'll have 24 hours to complete and claim all your rewards – after that, they'll reset and you'll receive a whole new set of quests to complete. Get 'em all!

ZOMBIE CAULDRON completely remade to get rid of constant zombie spam:
- Upgrading tower on Arena will now it make it more effective, and increase spawned zombie strength;
- Increased Tower damage by 30%;
- Each tower can now spawn only 1 zombie, but it will live (can undead zombies truly live?..) until it dies (re-dies?);
- Increased Tower reload time by 5%.

SUDDEN DEATH receiving its first major change since inception: Zombies now have a chance to spawn every 10th wave starting from wave 17, together with regular Sudden Death enemies. You'll have to kill them or it's game over, but watch out – when this Zombie dies, it releases noxious gas that will significantly damage your Troops and Hero!

Another minor change to Sudden Death is that Mini-bosses are now treated as Bosses, with full-on warning when they spawn so you can get ready!

FOG AMMO issue that prevented heroes from attacking after Fog Ammo effect expires has now been fixed – thanks for your reports and patience with this one!

Other changes:

- New and improved upper HUD with a larger XP bar so you can see just how much experience you need to reach next level!
- Various bugfixes related to gameplay and units interaction.

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To all who love battles, strategic planning and wild challenges, welcome to Survival Arena! Come to the great Arena Ship high in the sky and put your skills to test against the all-too-clever AI and great warriors from all over the world!

Build and customize your arsenal of deadly towers, ammunition, heroes, and power-ups to get ready for the Survival Arena Tournament. Travel islands floating amidst the clouds, accept challenges, climb the rankings and become the Grand Champion.

* Non-stop explosive TD action!
* One-handed on-the-go play
* Collect Hero cards and units ranging from regular to legendary
* Choose your own strategy to prevail against all odds
* Use boosters and spells to triumph over your opponents
* Climb to the top to gain glory and astonishing rewards
* Get full livestream support

We have scads of arenas up there in the sky: try any and all of them to test your skills!
* Duel: There's only one thing better than winning an arena — and that's making sure someone else loses! Battle head-to-head against another player with everything you've got. Heroes are especially important in this mode, so bring your best one! Plan and test various tactics, get Valor and Chests for winning, and have your name set in stone for everyone to see in the leaderboards!
* Sudden Death: Building a sturdy maze is crucial for this arena that is played on one of the largest, most wide-open maps. You'll need to plan your defenses in a way that won't let a single enemy through — since your Extractor has only 1 Health, literally the weakest of enemy Pirates will destroy it. Use everything at your disposal, and all the strategies you’ve developed to survive the longest!
Besides those, we have BOOMtastic, Gridlock, Crabfest, Thunderdome, KING XING, Shipwreck — and even more coming in big updates!

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Version3.7.3 (2019.10.14)
Size89.77 MB
Age restriction 12+
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : Game Insight, 2018
Corporate/rep. name : Game Insight UAB/Anatolijs Ropotovs
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Reviews (155)

It's ok
Not bad
Not bad at all!
Good game
Good steady game
It's okay but slow
Good game. I would prefer more variety in the levels but I enjoy playing it.
Fun td
Nice game
Good way to pass time
Robbed me of a purchase, showed proof and got no help from customer service. Don't spend any money here
Takes to long to load
Good game
Takes too long to find PVP match
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