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Toy Defense 2

46 User Reviews

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What’s New

1. Toy Defense 2 has been transformed! Enjoy new maps, commanders, units, and more. 
2. Rank up! Now your commanders get training points for every level completed. 
3. Everyone’s a winner! Join in tournaments and get a reward for simply taking part. 
4. Maps and balances are updated. Now you’ll need a whole new set of tactics to complete missions. 
5. Enjoy performance and stability-related enhancements in the Arena and Tournament modes.


Playtime’s over, soldier! It’s time for some real fast-paced tower defense action. Lucky for you, Toy Defense 2 has you covered. Forget about castles and clans—jump into epic combat, take command of powerful vehicles, hone your strategic skills and become the ultimate commander.
Think you’re tough enough? Then sharpen your tactics and tackle dynamic PvP battles from across the globe. Still looking for a bigger challenge? Take the next step and compete in tournaments to rise through the ranks to the top of the ratings. 

They may be toy soldiers, but this no place for toying around! It’s up to you build an unstoppable army, take on unforgettably awesome battles, conquer your enemies and seize victory!

• Three game modes: PvE missions, tournaments and PvP battles
• 240 action-packed missions
• Famous campaigns like the Battle of Iwo Jima and Operation Overlord 
• Vehicles from Great Britain, the U.S.A., the USSR and Germany
• Tournaments with rating system
• Stunning graphics
• Units upgradable by adding commanders 
• Several nations’ armies available to use during a battle

Permissions required

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  • Telephonemake and manage phone calls
  • SMSsend and view SMS messages
  • Storageaccess photos, media and files on your device
  • Contactsaccess your contacts


Version2.12.1 (2018.06.19)
Size94.19 MB
Age restriction 16+
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : Melesta
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Reviews (46)

This game is not very good, I've seen much better
Seller 2018.08.15
Dear player, if you encounter any problem while playing, please notify us of the issue via our Customer Service Center.
Lame, hey you can to good at this game,but you need to open your wallet
Seller 2018.04.10
Thank you for your feedback! Your opinion is very important to us because this information helps us improve and optimize our game.
Why does a game need to access my sms messages, my contacts and make and manage phone calls?
Seller 2018.04.05
Thank you for your feedback!
Good pastime
Seller 2018.03.16
Thank you for your feedback!
This is cool
Seller 2017.10.19
Thank you for your feedback!
Frist time playing.
Seller 2017.08.16
Thank you for your feedback! We wish you successful battles and a pleasant gaming experience!
Triggers malware alerts on my S8+. No thanks.
Seller 2017.08.10
Dear player, if you encounter any problem while playing, please notify us of the issue via our Customer Service Center.
Not that great, better tower defense games out there
Seller info
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