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Call Recorder - ACR

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ACR (Another Call Recorder) is a free call recorder application. It is one of the best and most advanced call recorders in the Play Store and offers many advanced features such as:

- Record calls per phone number(s)
- Exclude recording per phone number(s)
- List recordings by matching phone numbers to your contacts
- Search by phone number, contact name and note
- Recycle Bin for easy recovery of deleted recordings
- Auto delete old recordings
- Marking recordings as important so they don't get auto deleted
- Multi select, delete, send
- Manual (Pro) call recording
- Password protection of recordings
- Lots of recording formats such as MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, MP4
- Ability start delayed recording
- Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts
- Free transcription service (English only)
- Sharing parts of recording
- Local Wi-Fi access for easy backup
- Recording Transfer between devices 
- Cloud upload support (Pro) for Email, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, WebDAV, FTP and WebHooks 

Please do not use ACR in conjunction with other call recorders. Contact us if you have any issues.

Some phones do not support call recording properly. This is due to capabilities of different chipset/CPU or Android version each brand/model have. 

Please check with local laws related to call recording in your country

Permissions required

The following permissions are required to use this app.

  • Telephonemake and manage phone calls
  • Call logsread and write phone call log
  • Storageaccess photos, media and files on your device
  • Microphonerecord audio
  • Contactsaccess your contacts


Version32.9-samsung-unChained (2019.10.31)
Size9.99 MB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : NLL APPS
Corporate/rep. name : NLL APPS/NLL
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Reviews (121)

Hreat app
Wish 'my side' was a little lower in background noise and the 'other side' was louder. Still, the BEST one on the market (I did download from Galaxy Store & NOT from google's android, which I believe is better and done a little different due to google's dumb rules having ALL call recorders screwed up..When will they realize once we pay for these OVERPRICED devices, they are ours and NOT theirs to be messing with and censoring what we can or can not do. Who do they think they are? They are freaking idiots..That's who!!!). Anyway, back to the app. It is the BEST that can be done as far as the google censorship goes, just keep working around those idiots and make this work without having to use speaker, which I don't like doing because I don't think everybody needs to know my business..ALTHOUGH it DOES work absolutely GREAT when the speaker is used. If it could go back to working that way WITHOUT use of speaker, that would make a lot of people happy! (You know you won't please everyone!!)
great and dependable synchronization
Very Useful App
The best app I never seen before great job and excellent work I'm soo happy very useful
I must give this a 4 star because of how invaluable it proves on a daily basis. Reviewing calls to remind myself of names, addresses, and other details is like having a perfect memory. I record all calls. The only reason I can not give 5 stars now is due to the frequency which calls are mysteriously not recorded lately. It use to work 100% without fail but now it's hit and miss (probably 75%) and I have no way of reviewing an important call if for some unknown reason it fails to record. My phone is on the compatability list so I might just need to reinstall?
Excellent product, especially the unchained version. Very responsive technical support. Highly recommend!
I'm very happy to see a work around regarding the kuala IDM photo permission.
Works great
Works great and shows who and when they called. I can't figure it why it stops recording sometimes, maybe a data limit? I just go erase calls I don't need and it works again. Love the app. Tried many. Nothing on Google play store will give you the caller ID of who called like this will.
Love this recorder. It's clear and the only one still working. Thanks to the developers for making it available to us!
Very effective. Indispensable communications app.
Love the app! Hate the changes that had to be made on the caller ID, but the workaround is OK.
Absolutely love this app, it has saved me hundreds of dollars catching companies trying to lie or fabricate information! (Great for dealing with automotive dealerships, And crazy exes!) I wish it had folders though. It would be heavily beneficial to be able to save audio files to or create different folders.
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