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NumBuster Caller Name id! Who Calls? Blacklist Calls & SMS text + phone number lookup

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What’s New

- We've improved the caller ID: now this window pops up even on the lock screen
- We fixed the error with the "date" for calls and SMS 
- We've updated permission mechanism on Android 6 and above
- And we improved performance and speed
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Free and effective NumBuster Caller id app for incoming calls and texts from unknown phone numbers that are not in your contacts or phonebook!

Version for Android includes:
★ Automatic phone number lookup before you answer the call
★ Definition of service provider and location of the caller - you'll see region, country and area, where actual phone number was registered
★ Block incoming calls, free social blacklist
★ You can find out who is calling from unfamiliar incoming phone number. Social caller ID, ratings and reviews to any numbers are available.
★ Protection against fraud, advertising (spam) from the debt collectors, car dealers, salesmen and criminals
★ Social Blacklist is constantly updated with new features, guided by the opinion of real people about various phone numbers
★ Built in incoming calls and messages history log, as well as contacts lists with fast caller verification function directly in the program

In addition to our struggle against telephone scammers, advertising, telemarketers, surveys, resellers and financial rogues, Numbuster constantly learns and verifies the numbers, which used by:
✪ banks
✪ stores
✪ auto
✪ insurance companies
✪ debt collectors

With our free social true Caller ID, you can find out whose phone number calls and whom it belongs to. This helps to understand who is calling, using an unfamiliar phone number.

☢ blacklist works as a depressant - protect yourself from debt collectors, you will always see the collector, who hides behind a strange phone number.
❶ Identification service operates during an incoming call and displays the information about incoming calls and numbers in the built-in call history and sms log

❷ This program uses an experience of hundreds of thousands of users and allows you to block 100% of unwanted calls and sms with ads and scams

PC Magazine / RE: "NumBuster - application year 2015!"

✪ The app is completely FREE and will always be free
✪ Your phone number will still be available only to the person to whom you call yourself - we carefully guard your data, contact lists and call logs from intruders
✪ No one can get your phone number from NumBuster, using search by name
✪ Internet connection is required for Caller ID


✿ access to the gallery and camera. You have a possibility to put any image or photo on your profile in NumBuster. Without access to the camera and gallery in your phone - this does  not work.

☎ access to the calls. NumBuster's main job is a Caller ID. If someone calls you, NumBuster "sees" this call, checks the information online and displays it on your screen before you pick up.

We always welcome your feedback! Please sen us emails:


Thank you!
Once you've read it - this app (or ANY app for sure) can't reveal hidden or private or unknown numbers.
BUT! you can try to find out their real number =)  
1) turn off your phone during such a call (do not pick it up). You can even remove your battery if possible.
2) turn on your device
3) you will receive an SMS from the network operator, containing a REAL number which was hidden previously =)

Or just ask your network operator to send you a full call log for this period - the real number appeal there.
Or try call forwarding to another cell phone - hidden number should appear there.

Permissions required

The following permissions are required to use this app.

  • Telephonemake and manage phone calls
  • SMSsend and view SMS messages
  • Call logsread and write phone call log
  • Contactsaccess your contacts


Version5.0.23 (2019.02.27)
Size22.39 MB
Age restriction 12+
ExpirationNo expiration date
Seller info
Corporate/rep. name : GILRAEN LIMITED/Evgeny A. Gnutikov
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Reviews (8)

Looks like russian malware....
Skip this app. It will do nothing for you.
Can I give it a zero?? Half a star doesn't even do it. Wasted my time...
It keeps saying at the start to enter your number but it says wrong number!!!!!
It wouldn't send the code to activate it, so I never got to try it. Major malfunction
Seller 2016.07.27
Hi! Sometimes sms with code couldn't reach user, thats true. It could happen because of low quality of sms services or anything else, which can not be influenced by us. Anyway, we will be happy to send you code manually by email, if you will drop us a message on including telephone number for activation. Thx for your message!
Why ask for activation code if it won't allow me to put it ?
Seller 2016.07.27
Hi! Did the sms with activvationn code was received? If so - that code will be put in activation form itself automatically and installation process will be continued. Did that work for you?
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