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FREE QVprep Lite Learn Marketing Management : Learn Test Review for MBA students, Corporate Training

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QVprep Marketing Lite is FREE and has limited content. The app gives you the option to buy the paid QVprep Marketing which has exhaustive content for preparation and gaining expertise in Marketing. Please download this FREE app and try it out. 

Topics Covered
* Marketing Components
* Marketing Environs
* How Consumers Behave
* Customer Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
* Marketing Strategy for Products & Services
* Product & its Life Cycle
* Pricing & its Strategies
* Channels of Distribution
* Retailing & Wholesaling
* Unified Marketing Communication
* Advertising & Sales Promotion
* Personal Selling & Sales Force Management
* Direct & Online Marketing
* Competitive Marketing Strategies

QVprep Lite Marketing app is ideal for 
* Anyone who wants to learn Marketing Management in detail
* MBA students
* College majors in Marketing
* Undergraduates
* Marketing Professionals
* Corporate Training
* Exam preparation for Marketing Management

The app allows you to learn Marketing concepts in a very simple and user friendly manner. In the "Learn" mode of the app, you click on the "Concepts" button, review the "concept text" and then answer multiple choice questions related to the concept that you just reviewed. If you answer wrong, a detailed "answer explanation" will be displayed, which will reinforce learning. Proceed in this manner to complete a particular topic at your own pace.
Thus, by referring to the "Marketing Management Concept text" and then answering multiple choice questions, your learning is faster and complete. 
The concepts are presented explaining WHAT a key term is, WHY it is needed, and HOW it is used. This simple explanation of concepts will enable you to learn new concepts or refresh & renew concepts that you have learnt in the past but forgotten.

In the "Test" mode, the app does not show the context text to help you. Instead, you use your learning from the app and attempt multiple choice questions. Again, the app prompts you with detailed answer explanation in case you answer wrong. This proven process again reinforces learning. 
Share your test score by emailing the scores to yourself or someone else. The app also allows you to post your score on your Facebook page or your Twitter account. 

QVprep Marketing is useful for
* Exam preparation for Marketing Management
* Preparation for job interviews
* Revision of concepts related to Marketing Management that you would have forgotten
* Marketing Concepts Review
* Conducting Corporate training for marketing trainees & professionals

Learn & take quiz on these topics & concepts
Marketing Components: Marketing Mix, Product, Price, Promotion, People, Process, Physical environment
Marketing Environs: Micro and Macro Environ
How Consumers Behave: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Buying Decisions Process
Customer Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning: Effective Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning
Marketing Strategy for Products & Services: Product Classifications, Services, Strategy for Branding
Product & its Life Cycle: New Product Development Process, Product Life Cycle Stages
Pricing & its Strategies: Pricing, Factors that affect Pricing Decisions, Pricing Strategies
Channels of Distribution: Direct & indirect channel, Channel Effectiveness, Marketing Systems
Retailing & Wholesaling: Classification of Retailers, Retailing Decisions, Wholesaling
Unified Marketing Communication: How Marketing Communication Process & Promotion Mix Works
Advertising & Sales Promotion: Roles & advantages of Advertising & Sales Promotion
Personal Selling & Sales Force Management: Approaches of closing a sale, Sales Force Management
Marketing Strategies: Various Marketing Strategies

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