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QVPrep Lite Nursing Caregiver PCA prep for nurse, HHA Home Health Aides, PCA Personal Care Assistant

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QVPrep Lite Nursing Caregiver PCA
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This app helps you learn about the Nursing Caregiver Personal Care Assistant role, Understanding the Client, Environmental Safety, Infection Control, Personal Care Guidance, Reporting Changes in Condition, Assistive Devices, Therapeutic Communication, Types of Patient Abuse and Medical Terminology.

Topics Covered in QVprep Lite Nursing Caregiver PCA prep app

[1] Role of PCA and [2] Understanding the Client
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[3] Environmental Safety and [4] Infection Control
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[5] Personal Care Guidance and [6] Reporting Changes in Condition
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[7] Assistive Devices and [8] Therapeutic Communication
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[9] Types of Patient Abuse and [10] Medical Terminology
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QVprep Lite Nursing Caregiver PCA prep app is ideal for
* Caregivers
* PCA Personal Care Assistants
* HHA Home Health Aide
* Sitter
* Anyone who wants to make a career in nursing
* Nursing Homes
* Hospitals

The app allows you to learn and review Caregiver / Personal Care Assistant concepts in a very simple and user friendly manner. In the "Learn" mode of the app, you click on the "Concepts" button, review the "concept text" and then answer multiple choice questions related to the concept that you just reviewed.
If you answer wrong, a detailed "answer explanation" will be displayed, which will reinforce learning. Proceed in this manner to complete a particular topic at your own pace.
Thus, by referring to the "Concept text" and then answering multiple choice questions, your learning is faster and complete. 
The QVprep Lite Nursing Caregive PCA prep app has limited content and allows you to buy the paid version.

In the "Test" mode, the app does not show the context text to help you. Instead, you use your learnings from the app and attempt multiple choice questions. Again, the app prompts you with detailed answer explanation in case you answer wrong. This proven process again reinforces learning. 
The QVprep Lite Nursing Caregive PCA prep app has limited content and allows you to buy the paid version.

QVprep Lite Caregiver PCA Prep is useful for
* learning Caregiver / Nursing / Personal Care Assistance concepts
* quick review of terms and concepts
* Revision of concepts to have a strong foundation in the nursing / caregiver field

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