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What’s New

Improved Safeguarding Keyboard including new user interface and user experience, giving children more customisation options. 

Ability to navigate directly to audio practices from the safeguarding keyboard to help reflect and deal with emotions as risk is detected.

Hours of the day functionality now provides more detail on the hours during which a child is most at risk, while always respecting the child’s rights to privacy.


A powerful and intelligent cyber safety tool that automatically makes your child safer online whilst respecting their rights to privacy. SafeToNet is NOT a parental controls app. It is a safeguarding solution that uses artificial intelligence to minimise risk and danger online.

Real-time advice and message filtering

SafeToNet guides and advises children ‘in the moment’ as they use social networks and messaging apps on their smart phone or tablet. The software helps to steer children away from online risks by advising them in real-time about harmful comments they may post and damaging messages they may attempt to send. If the child persists then the software will filter anything harmful before the damage is done and the message is sent.

The software detects signs of cyberbullying, sexting, abuse and aggression by automatically analysing the words your child types along with their behaviour patterns. It detects emotions such as fear and anxiety and informs parents when and how they should talk to their children and especially if a risk has been detected that could put their child in danger.

The SafeToNet keyboard congratulates children as they become safer online. It positively reinforces behaviour patterns that show a child’s good understanding of online safety. However, when things don’t go quite to plan and risks levels increase, the SafeToNet keyboard will change colour and warn the child by glowing amber or red depending on the severity of the risk that the software has detected.

SafeToNet is non-invasive and will not show a parent what their child is sending or seeing. However, at times children can be persistent and be ignorant of danger so it is important that parents are informed when the risks are too high. SafeToNet’s unique safety indicator graphically shows parents their child’s direction towards and away from risk. It is dynamic and takes into account many variables including the severity of messages being typed, when they are sent and so on.

SafeToNet’s ever-evolving keyboard also allows the child to send parents their current location. With more features being released on a regular basis, SafeToNet is fast becoming the safeguarding app of choice.

Why use the SafeToNet App?

•	Understand your child’s digital wellbeing with non-invasive insights about their online foot print…without spying or prying.
•	Be guided in real-time on the risks at hand allowing for informed discussions that reduce family conflict and discomfort.
•	Your children will be automatically warned and guided if the software detects risks. It helps to steer them away from trouble.
•	You can connect up to 20 different devices being used by your children.
•	Receive trend and urgent alerts straight to your mobile device.

How to get started with the SafeToNet app?

Download the SafeToNet app onto a parent’s device to set up the parent’s and child's accounts. Then, download the same SafeToNet app onto each of your child’s devices.
If you get stuck we provide full support and installation guides.

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Great app for online safety!
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