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One Hand Operation +

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What’s New

< Version.2.5.41 > 
- Added new functions on "Quick tools". ( BT, Wifi , Rotation, etc ) 
- Added "Start application" feature. 
- Added "Hide on lock screen" setting. 
- Enhanced "Quick tools" as GUI version. 
- Enhanced "Task switcher" by adding "starred app" feature. ( by long press app item ) 
- Modified to set size/position of left/right handle separately 
- Fixed some bugs.

< Version.2.4.19 > 
- Fixed that handle does not deliver click event to running apps. (Tablets/P-OS)
- Fixed the Bixby page showing problem on some devices.
- Fixed the right handle disappear problem on Tab S5e.

< Version.2.3.33 >
- Added Quick Tools editing function. 
- Added new functions ( Apps screen / Close app / Finder search / Split screen view / Night mode )
- Fixed some bugs.

- Changed default icon. 
- Added new functions. ( Media controller / Screen brigtness / Flashlight )
- Added "Quick tools" which offers function group.
- Added "Quick action" setting on Advanced settings. ( Start action without finger release )
- Fixed not to work on KidsHome mode.
- Fixed an unexpected initialization problem in "App Exceptions".
- Fixed a service restart failure problem. (Pie)

- Added "Task Switcher"  function. ( Oreo or higher )
- Added gestures "App exceptions" setting.  ( Oreo or higher )
- Modified to run as Foreground service to prevent service termination.  (Battery usage notificaion is displayed)
- Modified to save separately when adjusting gesture handle size / position on landscape / portrait orientation
- Added "Open notification" function.

- Fixed to work "Pull screen down". (Pie)
- Fixed auto start problem when rebooting even if the setting is OFF. (Pie) 
- Changed the landscape mode setting to Default Off.
- Modified to always show gesture recognition area in setting screen. 
- Improved long swipe recognition performance
- Changed the size of the handles in landscape orientation to be smaller.
- Fixed gesture recognition error in some areas in landscape orientation.
- Fixed to display at gesture point instead of fixed position when open Floating navigation key.
- Applied multilingual translation.

- Support Android 9.0 (Pie)

- Implement the Routine interlock functionality. ( Oreo )
- Fix touch malfunction on tablet devices
- Fix memory leak problem when setting On / Off.
- Fix problem that could not set "none" for short horizontal direction.
- Fixe problem of Back key operation even if "none" is set for short diagonal direction.
- Adjust long diagonal-down gesture angle. (to distinguish with long horizontal swipe)

- Implemented arrow animation during gesture operation. ( On / Off possible )
- Added "Forward" function setting that works in browser.
- Changed the Edge to work when the position overlaps with the Edge handler.
- Fixed the problem that the Quickpanel icon is displayed big after updating.
- Added setting menu for S Pen operation. ( for Note/Tablet )

- Fixed a problem that left / right setting is changed to both.
- Fixed a problem that screenshot does not work on HW key devices. 
- Added notification to turn handler display on / off. (Prevent service termination)
- MENU key function setting has been added. 
- Improved swipe gesture recognition performance.
- Changed to recognize swipe gesture by S-Pen. 

- Implemented to support in landscape mode.
- Implemented so that each function can be set to the left / right handler.
- Added "Screen capture" function setting.
- Modified that it does not work when swiping by SPen.
- Fixed a problem where handler remain in screen saver operation.
- Fixed a problem of "Previous app" on Home screen.
- Fixed a problem that handler does not move up when 3rd party IME appears.
- Fixed service stop problem due to battery saving function. ( Need to reinstall after uninstall )


Control your phone or tablet more easily with just one hand.

Small gesture handles will be displayed on left/right edge of screen. 
By swiping this handles, configured actions will be executed.  below is default action.

- Short horizontal swipe : Back key.
- Diagonal up swipe  : Recents key. 

You can set various functions on horizontal / diagonal up / diagonal down direction gestures. As you become accustomed to using short gestures, you can set up more functions on long gestures.

Currently available functions are as follows, and we plan to provide additional function upgrades.

 - Back key
 - Home key
 - Recent key
 - Menu key
 - Previous app
 - Forward ( web browser )
 - Open notification panel 
 - Open quick panel 
 - Screen off 
 - Assistance app 
 - Screenshot 
 - Floating navigation buttons
 - Pull screen down
 - One-handed mode
 - Flashlight
 - Start application
 - Task switcher 
 - Quick tools 

Depending on the size of the user's hand, the thickness of the thumb, or the shape of the bumper case being used, various handle settings are provided to optimize gesture recognition.

The handle will receive user's touch above the running app. So, as long as the gesture recognition is possible, it is recommended to set handle to be thin.

And once you are fully familiar with the use of gestures, It is recommended to enable [Quick action] on [Advanced settings].

In addition, when the touch interference is severe with running application such as game, you can set [App exceptions] in [Advanced Settings], then the gesture handles will not work when the app is running.

Experience the convenience of gestures on your phone and tablet with One Hand Operation +. 

Thank you.

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Permissions required

The following permissions are required to use this app.

  • Cameratake pictures and record video


Version2.5.41.0 (2019.09.09)
Size2.37 MB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
Seller info
Seller : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Corporate/rep. name : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd./김기남, 김현석, 고동진
Business license number : 1248100998
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Reviews (223)

Good gestures navigation app, needs a bottom gestures area.
please allow us to reorganize the volume and brightness sliders module under the Quick tool. I prefer the brightness slider as far to the bottom as possible for fast and easy reach/access.
this app is amazing, a must have. but what's really annoying is if you have One Hand Operation disabled for certain apps or disabled when keyboard is in use, it's also disabled on the lockscreen if you leave said apps open. that's quite frustrating when im so used to it working except those couple of times I leave said apps open. please fix this so I could use the gestures on my lockscreen, even though a disabled app/keyboard is under my lockscreen. thanks for the great app otherwise! edit: it isn't disabled on my lock screen. but when I lock my phone on a disabled app, it's disabled.
Seller 2019.10.08
Dear customer, You can use gesture on lock screen Please turn off "Hide on lock screen" switch on "Advanced settings", then you can use it on lock screen. Thank you.
Perfect app that should be on every phone.
Love the CUSTOMIZABLE gestures that Samsung is allowing through this app. I used a different app up until I heard about 1HandOp+ and Good Lock. Really like the quick tools menu. Love that it allows Apps to be open via gestures! PLEASE ADD AN OPTION FOR SHORTCUTS TO BE OPEN WITH GESTURES AS WELL. Other than missing shortcuts; great functionality and ease of use. Works amazingly. Keep it up👍
This app just makes my life so much easier!! 👍
Amazing functionality. Now my favorite feature of my Galaxy. Things like this are what are keeping me from switching to another phone.
This really is amazing! It is much more helpful than I thought it would be
Great app. Add more options on quick tool such as the pin app feature
LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!! No more hand gymnastics for me lmao
Uuugh.. Why did you add so much on the quick tools section.. I liked the simple design before the update.. PLEASE BRING BACK THE MUTE TOGGLE
The last thing I was truly missing from iOS and my iPhones was the universal back gesture from the left hand side of the screen. Thnk u!
Does what the app is designed to do, but I wish the recent app switching animation were different based on swipe side. Left or right side.
Why just take list view away? Coule we get it back as an option?
Seller info
  • SellerSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Corporate/rep. nameSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd./김기남, 김현석, 고동진
  • Address경기도 수원시 영통구 삼성로 129 (매탄동)
  • Business license number1248100998
  • Contacts
  • Telecom business registration number2000-경기수원-0515
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