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White Light

60 User Reviews


What’s New

Version 1.0.4:
• Tizen 4.0 auto dimming bug fix. Please contact the developer if still experiencing issues after Tizen 4.0 update.

Version 1.0.3:
• Code optimization

Version 1.0.2:
• The watch will now vibrate once every minute to let you know that the app is running in case it was launched accidentally or you forgot to close the app.

Version 1.0.1:
• When you exit White Light, the brightness of the screen will now return to the level it was at before launching the app.


This is the closest thing to a flashlight you can get on a smartwatch! The app turns the screen white, cranks up the brightness to 100%, and keeps it this way until the user presses the back or home button. That's it! Seven lines of code!!

NOTE: Prolonged use of the app (more than several minutes at a time) will damage the AMOLED display of your watch. While the application is running, the watch will vibrate once every minute so that you don't forget to exit the app.

Over 250,000 downloads! Wow! Thank you all for your feedback and feature requests. Keep them coming! Although this app will remain the simplest app in the app store, requested features might eventually be included in the 'Pro' version.

Make sure to check out my other apps: Always-On Speed, Always-On Speed Pro, and Always-On Heart Rate!


Version1.0.4 (2019.02.22)
Size7.05 KB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : Tiny Apps
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Reviews (60)

Great flashlight, coded with attention to detail.
The app vibrates the watch indicating a possible accidental activation and that much thought put into the app motivated me to review it.
Simple and does what it says
I would like it but it keeps flashing from bright to not bright over and over.
Seller 2019.06.03
Thank you for the feedback! The problem seems to be isolated to the Galaxy Watch Active. Please email me to help investigate the problem.
Great Light app! I use it a lot in the dryer looking for that other sock that always comes up missing. Haha
An issue from a OS update has been resolved, this is an essential app!
Seller 2019.02.14
Thank you very much for reporting the bug. I've submitted a bug fix (version 1.0.4) to the store. Please check for updates on Friday or Monday and make sure to email the developer if still experiencing issues after the update!
Simple and small file size. Since upgrade to tizen 4 it will start at max brightness, then dim to normal brightness, the go back to max.
Seller 2019.02.05
Thanks so much for your feedback! Does this happen repeatedly or only once when you start the app? I'll patch the app some time this week.
Works perfectly and is (somehow) brighter than the other light apps.
Works, but it's super slow to start up and sometimes I need to double or triple tap to make it start up.
Seller 2018.07.22
Hi, thanks for the review! I will investigate the problem. Does this lag happen when you launch other apps?
Usefull tool, as a zombie hunter it comes in handy.
Works exactly as advertised. This should be built into the default apps.
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