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GymRun Companion Workout Diary and Fitness Tracker

34 User Reviews



To use GymRun Gear COMPANION app you need the unlocked PREMIUM version of GymRun.

The COMPANION version also needs CONSTANT BLUETOOTH connection between smartwatch and mobile phone during workout. Compare this offer with the STANDALONE version (extra charge).

* log your custom workout routines (cardio, weight lifting, body workout, etc.)
* workout time view
* rest countdown timer
* autofill with historical log entries
* exercise set preview during rest
* use bezel or swipe gesture to browse between exercises during workout on the logging page
* use bezel to adjust rest time on rest countdown page


Version2.3.1 (2020.02.28)
Size1.7 MB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
Seller info
Seller : Gym App Team
Corporate/rep. name : Gym App Team/Gym App Team
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Reviews (34)

(EDIT) Last changes are awesome, can't wait till the 'Screen goes to next set/exercise automatically' is implemented
Seller 2020.02.21
Set-up your desired rest times in the phone app for your exercises in your workout routine.
App used to work great on my Gear S2, since the latest update all it does is show an hourglass and crashes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success. Fix please!
Seller 2020.02.21
Currently we can't reproduce the error with our Gear S2. We are trying to find a solution. UPDATE: We can now repoduce the error for Gear S2. We start now an emergency change and we will provide a fix at the weekend. The new app version should be available at Tuesday+- next week, depends on Samsung internal testing.
App was working great until I installed the new update yesterday. Now I can't use the app on my watch. I have to keep opening the app on my phone to record workout. Hopefully they will fix the issue soon because I have the paid version.
Seller 2020.02.19
Contact us if you found any erros in the app. We will check it. Install the last phone app version.
Don't bother. Useless app.
Seller 2020.01.06
Feel free to choose your favorite gym app and enjoy the wide selection.
Works great! Exactly what I needed
Seller 2019.12.04
Thanks for your great review.
Very limited in my ability to customize my own workouts on my watch. Also would like to have the phone APP as backup to keep track better
Seller 2019.09.10
You can create your customized workouts on the phone. The watch app supports you to log your workout routines in the comfortable way.
Great app to replace JEFIT. Various exercises, rest timer, ability to only use watch (premium) Needs bezel scrolling, more on watch menu op
Seller 2019.01.12
Check out the Standalone watch version with some extras and for logging without a phone. Bezel or swipe gesture is already available for browsing between exercises.
Love it. Ditching Jefit! Paid for all the upgrades. Well worth it. Keep up the good work.
Seller info
  • SellerGym App Team
  • Corporate/rep. nameGym App Team/Gym App Team
  • AddressLessingweg
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