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MG Military Gear

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Military-grade looks for YOU!

Now you can get the first watch-face of the new "My Gear" watch-face series and enjoy the slick military graphics.
This robust face will always report to you the time and date.. Consistently and reliably, that's how your Military gear works!

☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆

✓ Time and date display
✓ Battery indicator
✓ Used space indicator
✓ 8 color options
✓ AOD (Always-on mode)
✓ Rugged military graphics
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Version1.2.3 (2018.12.26)
Size2.09 MB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
Seller info
Seller : Belvek EOOD
Corporate/rep. name : Belvek EOOD/.
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Reviews (14)

Awesome watch face. Details are great. How do you change it to red?
Seller 2018.01.24
Hi! We are glas you like the watch face! Double tap to change the color themes. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see what we are up to!
Great watch face. Love the detail and it works flawless. Looks great on my gear s3 frontier. Great colors. Thank you.
Seller 2017.12.25
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Just paid 2 dollars to unlock the other colors. They remain locked. Not happy. Do not use this.
Seller 2017.12.18
Hi, sorry for that. Send us an email to (preferably with a receipt of the purchase) and we'll send you a coupon. It's an issue with Samsung payment we can't otherwise help.
I just paid for the other watch face colors yet they still remained locked. Not happy about this at all. My PayPal account proves this.
Seller 2017.11.20
Hi, sorry to hear you had trouble purchasing. Try purchasing again, the system will detect you've already purchased it and unlock it. Also contact us at for more help
Wow. Dumb. Nowhere does it say how much money the other faces cost. Could you please tell us the price of additional colors.
Seller 2017.11.20
The price is $2. But because there are many issues with in-app purchases we'll make this watch-face paid.
A rather simple watch face in where it leaves you enough room to make it as jazzy as you like. One of my personal favorites.
Seller 2017.08.08
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Thanks it finally accepted it I appreciate the help great watch face and cool colors
Seller 2017.08.08
Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We're publishing an update today, it should be available around Friday. Try to purchase again - it will detect you've already purchased it and will unlock it.
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