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What’s New

- Better use of screen real estate
- Addresses the "battery drain" issue for Tizen 4.0 users


The new Modality update (March 2019) makes better use of real estate by expanding each screen all the way to the edges! We have also addressed the "battery drain" issue that was plaguing Tizen 4.0 users.

Please see our tutorial at, and write us with feedback at

Perhaps the most compact typing system in the world, Modality is perfect for the Samsung Gear.

Modality groups letters by shape, helping the user learn and use our system.

When I first completed this app, I sent probably 50 texts in the first week - in part because I was excited, but mostly because I wanted to leave my phone behind.

Maybe most important of all, Modality is fun to use. We hope you enjoy using it for texts and communication as much as we do.

Ian Hanson, CEO
Joyful Machines


Version2.0.4 (2019.04.12)
Size992.2 KB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : Joyful Machines L.L.C.
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Reviews (84)

Keeps freezing on my Samsung galaxy watch active 2. There goes $3.00 not worth the hassle to try to get a refund.
Seller 2019.10.04
Thanks for reaching out - sorry to hear you're having issues. We are unable to replicate this issue. Can you please reach out to us directly at so we can assist you. Thanks, Mike
Stopped working freezes when attempting to load excessive battery drain!
Seller 2019.08.10
So sorry to hear this, and our apologies for the delayed reply. We have not been able to duplicate the issue. Can you please send screen shots and a complete description to We will do everything we can to help you. Thanks so much!
I really like this keyboard! You can type quickly and accurately, and it does not take long to get used to the layout. thanks!
Seller 2019.07.05
First of all, thank you so much for this response and encouragement. We did work on Modality 3 years and built it two different ways in that time, and we are very proud of our work. We hope to get Modality out to more users like yourself and to grow this company. Thank you so much, and please reach out to us at any time at
Still has battery drain issues
Seller 2019.06.18
Hello, and thank you for the alert. We've investigated the "battery drain" warning and have found that it's Samsung's OS which is searching in a loop through ANY app that uses a keyboard and throwing the alert. We are unable to correct that from our end, unfortunately. The best fix is actually to make sure that apps are all the way closed, which is really best practice anyway. It's Settings... the two circles (all apps), then X to close those apps. Then there will be no battery warnings from MODALITY. We are sorry for that inconvenience, and we are trying to contact Samsung to help us out as well. Thank you for your kind rating - we appreciate that. We hope you will be able to enjoy Modality for a long time! Ian Hanson, CEO, Joyful Machines.
Haven't tried out your keyboard yet and honestly the keyboard didn't sell your product. That you are responsive and helpful did. Thank you
Seller 2019.06.17
Thank you so much. It is a part of our vision to become one of the most trusted companies out there, while providing useful and fun technology. I am pleased that, while we did not necessarily say that, you picked up on it. And our responsiveness extends beyond simply answering e-mails - we have also responded to our users any number of times in our product development itself as far as we are able within the vision and mission of the company. So it is great to hear that that has carried some notice. In the meantime, we do hope that you enjoy Modality, and we look forward to hearing from you any time at Thanks again! Ian Hanson, CEO, Joyful Machines
Doesnt work is a pain to get refund
Seller 2019.06.16
First, we love hearing from our users. So thank you. Second, we're still "new" in this and learning how to deal with an internet world where, in 35 characters, someone we've never had the opportunity to meet can destroy 3 years of hard work we spent to make Modality, which we are very proud of. Finally, I want to answer the 3 critiques: (1) "a pain to get" I believe refers to the fact that there is a process to activate Modality, and this is the same for all third-party keyboards. To wit, you have to tell the watch which keyboard you want to use, and those are steps that we try to explain in our description as well as in our youtube tutorial. It might be a pain, but honestly, you can't just start typing on Modality if the watch doesn't know you'd like to use Modality. So yes, the process stinks, but I don't know any way around it. (2) "Doesnt work." It does work, and it works well, and we made sure it works before releasing. The thing to know is that as you press each button (the letters are arranged by shape), each press could represent any one of those letters. So you whittle down until you have the word you want, and then you accept it. It's a bit of a brain shift, but a good one. But if you've found an error in the code we'd want to know about that too. (3) "refund." Please contact us with more details at, and we will be happy to help you. Thanks!
Refund, doesn't show
Seller 2019.06.14
Hello, thank you for reaching out. For ALL third-party keyboards, users have to follow these steps: Settings... General... Input... Default Keyboard. Then Select MODALITY, and press the back (top) button to accept. This is the process for any third-party keyboard. We try to let users know this in our description and also on our tutorial: We also prefer people to reach out to us directly at with questions so that there we have a chance to address any issues specifically. We developed Modality over three years and we love to help our users. We appreciate your interest and patronage, and we hope to hear from you again soon. Sincerely, Ian Hanson, CEO, Joyful Machines.
App never shows up on watch. Refund
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