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78ºN Weather Station, 12H Fahrenheit

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Digital watch face with current weather information and forecast for the next 24 hours (6, 12, 18, 24h)
Temperatures are in Fahrenheit.

- Digital 12h clock
- Day / Date / Month
- Current weather, temperature and humidity
- Current City
- Battery Level
- Forecast, weather type and temperature, for the next 24 hours (6, 12, 18, 24 hours)
- Weather description
- Shortcuts to:
          - Watch settings
          - Music Player
          - Alarm
          - Messages
- Ambient modes, with weather information, for Gear S2 and S3
- 12 different colors
Double tap humidity icon (drop) to change color.

Please note:
Weather information is pulled from an external service and is updated approximately every 2 hours.
If Your watch is not Connected to phone/internet at the time of update, values may be blank.
Pulling weather information at regular intervals will also have an affect on battery consumption.
If you experience battery drainage with this watchface, try disabling Always-On mode on your watch.


Version1.0.1 (2018.04.11)
Size2.3 MB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : 78ºN - Odd Ivar Bergset
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Reviews (10)

2nd face from this designer and it's useless to pick unless you want it to only last MAYBE 1/2 day. Wasted money
Does not install on my s3 frontier. I have tried resetting my s3, still didn't work. When I try to install, it freezes.
Seller 2018.01.01
Please send an email to so I can help you.
Nice design but real battery hog.
Seller 2017.08.03
Hi. Sorry for this. There are two known reasons for it. Weather info updates seem to use some resources when used in ambient mode (AOD), and ambient mode itself has a fairly high On Pixel Ratio. So my best advice would be to disable ambient (or Always-On) mode. It sometimes also helps to reboot the watch, so you may try this first. Send me an email for more info. Thanks for your support and feedback.
Beautiful face. Love every aspect. I especially like the AOD on the S2.
Seller 2017.07.21
Thanks! Glad you like it.
Would love this watch face if the weather feature updated more than once every 2 hours and it didn't run my watch down to 50% in 5 hours.
Thanks for allowing me to test. Looks outstanding. Finished product rocks. Great job. Color options are beautiful.
Seller 2017.07.13
My pleasure. Thanks for your help!
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