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What’s New

03/03/19 - Added 12hr/24hr Mode- Added shortcut to Steps - Added High Color AOD - Updated Graphics

Name changed from ND-LunarGear to ND-LUNAR-01 due to Samsung droping the Gear name.

If you like it, consider upgrading to LunarGear2 or LunarGear3, soon to be updated to ND-LUNAR-02 & ND-LUNAR-03.


Thank You for looking at ND-Lunar-01! A watch that you would find on a Astronaut or someone cool, like you! The outer bezel rotates and colored stars show up sporadically in the inner ring.  This one's made for the adventurer out there and also the watch enthusiast who wants something different.  ENJOY!

Please be aware that this watch face was created in English, So the full features of the application might not be available in devices that do not support the language the application is being sold in.


Version1.0.8 (2019.03.14)
Size1.03 MB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : Jason Naugle
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Reviews (24)

Sheer lunacy. Stellar timepiece. Pls make all in 1: Fam in every Mil Branch, Police, Deputy (didn't see 1), and NASA. Thanks 4 free watch
Seller 2019.04.07
I stopped making military watchfaces because I was warned by Samsung about making copyrighted watchfaces. They pulled my Coast Guard one off already. I had more to put on including a cool NASA one. I'm surprised my other military watchfaces haven't been pulled yet. I'm glad you like ND-Lunar-01!
Really like the layout on this watchface. Last right under 2 days on my gear s3 with aod on too!
Seller 2019.03.28
Thank You! There is a dark version, and should be updated soon.
So eye catching and visually unique, glad I found this eye candy.
Seller 2019.03.06
Glad you like It! It's being updated right now, and should be in the store soon. Added a few new things. I'm also updating the others in the series as well.
Its cool but it drains the battery fast
Seller 2018.07.02
Certain watch faces come with a price. This one is white, which is not great for the battery. I would suggest turning the brightness down, and turn off always on mode for this one. Sometimes you need to adjust them to last longer. I did make 2 other versions as well that are darker.
Your solar series has made you my favorite designer period aslong as you keep making solar watch faces i will keep buying them.
Seller 2018.04.19
Thanks my friend! Leave me a review on my website and I'll send you a code for a FREE watch face.
Absolutely awesome watch face, it is visually stunning!.
Seller 2018.01.05
Thank You, leave me feedback at my website for a FREE watchface.
Love this one. Can't wait to see if you make a firefighter one. It seems like they are hard to find. Tons of police very few fire.
Seller 2017.11.12
Thin red line coming soon! Check LunarGear2 & 3.
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