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A simple watch face with some functionality I like to have at my fingertips.

- tap battery percentage > Settings
- tap date > Schedule/Calendar
- tap digital clock hour > Timer, if Samsung's Timer app is installed (free)
- tap digital clock minute > Stopwatch, if Samsung's Stopwatch app is installed (free)
- tap heart rate > Samsung Health, start 'Work out'
- double tap the moon > 'White Light', if the app is installed (free); shout-out to 'Tiny Apps'

Feel free to criticize and make suggestions.

>>Release Notes
200102_v1.0.1 automatically switches between 12/24h clock, depending on your phone's settings


Version1.0.1 (2020.03.12)
Size291.5 KB
Age restriction For all ages
ExpirationNo expiration date
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Seller : Dimitri Kron
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Reviews (4)

Love the watch face! Could you make an upgrade where day time would show a SUN logo? And when it's night time a MOON logo.
Seller 2020.01.15
Thank you for your feedback! A sun logo would be possible, but it wouldn't be vary precise as daylight hours vary (depending also on the region) and it would defeat my intended purpose of seeing if there is new/full etc. moon tonight (during daytime).
Love this face and the apps you can access from it! Could you make a version that has weekday month date and 12 hour? Maybe steps too?
Seller 2020.01.15
12/14h is in v1.0.1 now supported. Steps not yet - I think I'll add them if I find a little free time. (I think there is an almost similar design available from someone. You should find it in the app store - it has all the features you have in mind)
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