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Samsung Blockchain Wallet

65 User Reviews


What’s New

Minor bug fixed

1. Search Function
- Added search function in coin/token list, DApp list
2. Enter amount in Fiat when creating cryptocurrency transaction
- Support automatic conversion from Fiat to cryptocurrency based on up-to-date market price
3. Estimated Total Balance bug fix
- Fixed issue with wrong calculation of Estimated Total Balance in certain conditions
4. Exchange Integration (US, Canada only)
- Deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency to supported exchange easily within Samsung Blockchain Wallet


Manage your cryptocurrency more securely with Samsung Blockchain Wallet!
 Samsung Blockchain Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet service that allows you to send cryptocurrency to others and enjoy recommended DApps. Samsung Blockchain Wallet enables you to securely sign and authorize cryptocurrency transactions using your cryptocurrency private key, which is saved in a secure area built in to your Samsung Galaxy device.
 Samsung Blockchain Wallet provides the following features:
▪ Cryptocurrency account management
 - Create a new private key for each of your cryptocurrency accounts
 - Restore your cryptocurrency accounts and transaction history for each account by importing your private key
 - Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ERC tokens, Tron (TRX), TRC tokens are supported. Additional coins and tokens will be added in the future.
▪ Send and receive your cryptoassets
 - You can save frequently used cryptocurrency addresses to your address book and use them to easily send your cryptocurrency.
 - All your cryptocurrency transaction requests are operated on a separate Secure OS separate from the normal OS. This keeps your information safe from hacking and data leakage.
▪ Explore recommended DApps (Decentralized Apps based on blockchain technology)
 - Browse and use popular DApps in a variety of categories, including games, social media, and more
 - You can purchase content with ERC tokens, TRX, TRC tokens in DApps
 - You can view all collectibles in a single page, and also send/receive collectibles

 * Partnerships
 - You can get APIs for integrating with your service and apply for partnership in the Samsung Developers Site. Please refer to this link :
 - Partner DApps are exposed to Samsung Blockchain Wallet's DApp lists.

 * App permissions
The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default function is available, but not allowed.

 [Required permissions]
 - Phone: Used to confirm unique identification information when you first set up the service
 [Optional permissions]
 - Camera: Used to take photos of QR codes when sending coins/tokens to others

Permissions required

The following permissions are required to use this app.

  • Telephonemake and manage phone calls
  • Storageaccess photos, media and files on your device
  • Cameratake pictures and record video


Version1.2.07.46 (2020.06.08)
Size25.23 MB
Age restriction 14+
ExpirationNo expiration date
Seller info
Seller : Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Corporate/rep. name : Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd./Kinam Kim
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Reviews (65)

I don't remember my phrase because I bought a new phone
Setup should allow email or screen shot of generated phrases during account setup
Seller 2020.06.11
Dear valued customer. Thank you for using Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Please understand that recovery phrase cannot be screen-captured nor shared, considering security issue. Thank you.
App would have been much better if you just stuck to Bitcoin.
Seller 2020.06.10
Dear valued customer. We're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with our service. We'll try harder to provide better contents by continuous improvement. Thank you.
Don't slam Bc your crypto stupid !!!!!!!!
Seller 2020.06.05
Dear valued customer. We're sorry for the unsatisfactory service. But, it's hard to understand the inconvenience with your description only. Providing the details about the inconvenience will help us a lot to check it. Thank you.
Great app!
This is a great wallet. Easy to use, only supports a few coins, but other than that it works flawlessly.
Seller 2020.05.29
Dear valued customer. Thank you for your interest in Samsung Blockchain Wallet. We now support Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum, Tron, TRC10/20 tokens based on Tron. We'll try harder to support more cryptocurrency types in the near future. Thank you.
Great Blockchain Wallet!**
This is incredible! My only fear is committing to a Samsung software. They usually kill their apps a year later
There should always be an option to Uninstall software you don't USE or WANT. My latest update from Tmobile keeps activating the touchscreen vibrations every 3-5 minutes. Another forced update thats full of bugs. I will be switching to Motorola, Google or LG. Samsung is proving to be like apple; PROPRIETARY PIGS!!! I use to like Samsung because of its innovation and freedom to choose. But lately it seems that all they want is control... I'm DONE!!! I have 6 Samsung devices on my account and after the down grading of the functionality of the Note Series Line, I will be switching for free. They can keep there devices and their MONARCHIAL BULLSHIT...
Seller 2020.04.29
Dear valued customer. Samsung Blockchain Wallet can be uninstalled. But, please kindly understand that Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a preinstalled app which cannot be uninstalled. But, please note that you can turn off app notifications with the instruction below. Settings > Apps > [︙] on the top right > Samsung Blockchain Keystore > Notifications > Turn off [Show notifications] Thank you for your understanding.
Seller info
  • SellerSamsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
  • Corporate/rep. nameSamsung Electronics Co.,Ltd./Kinam Kim
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